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How to use Split-screen Mode and Floating Window on Huawei Mate Xs with EMUI 10



Huawei Mate Xs comes with a large 8-inch widescreen tablet size display that can transform into a smartphone while folded. To make use of this big screen, Huawei also installed some new creative features such as – Split-screen mode and floating windows.

The Multi-Window allows for two apps to be displayed side by side and interact with each other. Text, images, and documents can be transferred as easily as dragging and dropping the content from one app to the other.

You can even open one app in 2 split windows to easily manage different tasks at the same time with the Huawei App multiplier. Also, there is an ingeniously designed Dock to incorporate your favorite apps in a shortcut menu so you can activate a floating window for quick action. Never waste time switching Apps.

A dock located at the bottom of the screen provides a space for users to assign apps for quick launch. When two apps are open concurrently, users may launch a third app using the Floating Window feature, which can be used to take care of small tasks such as responding to text messages without exiting the current apps.


Below you can check the instructions to use split-screen mode via multi-window or floating window options.

1. Multi-Window

Enable Split-screen Mode from the Multi-Window Dock:

1. Enable Split-screen mode

  • Open an app. Swipe inward from the left or right edge and hold to bring up the MultiWindow dock.
  • Drag an app icon out of the Multi-Window dock.

2. Switch the split-screen panes: Touch and hold adjuster at the top of a split-screen pane until the pane shrinks. Then drag the pane to the other side of the screen to switch between panes.

3. Exit Split-screen mode: Drag adjuster or adjuster in the middle of the split-screen line horizontally or vertically until either pane disappears. You can also touch the Back key consecutively to exit Split-screen mode.


Display the Floating Window from the Multi-Window Dock:

While playing a game, you can chat with a friend in a floating window, without having to leave your game.

1. Display the floating window:

  • Swipe inward from the left or right edge and hold to bring up the Multi-Window dock.
  • Touch an app icon in the Multi-Window dock to open the app in a floating window.

2. Relocate the floating window: Drag adjuster at the top of the floating window to the desired location.

3. Display in full screen: Touch maximize button on the floating window to display the content in the window in full screen.


4. Close the floating window: Touch the close button on the floating window to close it.

Switch Between Split-screen and Floating Window:

Switch from Split-screen mode to floating window

  • In landscape mode, touch and hold adjuster at the top of a split-screen pane and drag it downwards. Release your finger when the split-screen pane becomes an app icon.
  • In portrait mode, touch and hold adjuster at the top of a split-screen pane and drag it to the left or right. Release your finger when the split-screen pane becomes an app icon. Switch from floating window to Split-screen mode

Touch and hold adjuster at the top of the floating window, then drag it to the left/right side of the screen when in landscape mode, or to the upper/lower portion when in portrait mode.

Tip: The app displayed in the full screen must support Split-screen mode or the floating window.


Add, Move, or Remove an App from the Multi-Window Doc

Apps in the Multi-Window dock can be added, moved, or removed to better suit your needs.

  • Add an app: In the Multi-Window dock, touch + button, touch the app you want to add from Suggested or More apps, then touch Done.
  • Move an app: In the Multi-Window dock, touch + button, then drag the desired app to any location in the dock.
  • Remove an app: In the Multi-Window dock, touch + button, then touch – in the upper right corner of the app you want to remove.

Disable Multi-Window:

Multi-Window is enabled by default. To disable it, go to Settings > Accessibility features > Multi-Window, then disable Multi-Window dock.

2. Floating Window

While watching videos or playing games in Full-screen mode, you can view and reply to incoming messages in a floating window without having to stop what you’re doing.


Display the Floating Window:

Support for the floating window feature may vary depending on the app.

1. Before using this feature, make sure your phone is not in Simple mode, Ultra power saving mode, or One-handed mode.

2. When using your phone in Full-screen mode, touch screen icon in the notification banner for new message alerts to be displayed in a floating window.


3. You can reply to messages directly in the floating window.

Resize the Floating Window

Touch and hold the edge of the floating window, then drag it inwards or outwards to expand or reduce the window size.

Close the Floating Window


Touch close on the floating window to close it.

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Tips & Tricks

How to download and install Samsung One UI 4 (Android 12) beta



Samsung One UI 4 Beta

Samsung One UI 4 is based on Android 12, and there are a bunch of new features that come with this new software. However, One UI 4 is currently only available to download under the beta mode, and here you’ll learn how to download and install One UI 4 beta on your Samsung device.

Before we begin, you should know something about the beta program as well as the beta testing process. Samsung One UI Beta program is a software testing activity that allows you to enter and test the features of unreleased Android software and provide your feedback to the company to enhance its features.

To be mentioned, One UI beta build is developed for testing purposes and may include bugs, issues, and inaccurate or perform unexpected tasks on your One UI 4 beta-powered device. So, you should think twice before you want to enroll with the One UI 4 beta program.

The beta program develops the software experience throughout a timeline and brings a few features that remain under development during the course of beta testing (until stable rollout).


Now, let’s dive into the download and install Samsung One UI 4 beta

How to sign up:

First, you need a Samsung account, if you don’t have one, create it and follow the instructions given below.

  1. Open Samsung Members app
  2. Login to your Samsung account
  3. Select “Notice
  4. Tap on the beta banner
  5. Tap enroll to submit your beta application


  • Before you begin to install the One UI 4 beta you should back up your data. You can use the Samsung Smart Switch PC version. Due to the nature of the beta software, it may cause any data loss.

download samsung one ui 4 beta

How to Download and Install:

You must complete this enrollment process to move on to the download and installation process. Thereafter, follow the steps given below.

  • Open Settings
  • Software update
  • Download and install

For you to remember, the One UI Beta Program is expanding gradually to One UI Beta Program participants.

ONe UI 4 beta

How to downgrade:

You can also downgrade from your Beta program and get back to the previous One UI version. To download, you need to withdraw your beta testing application via Settings > One UI Beta Program status > Withdraw menu.


Now, you need to remove the beta software from the testing device. In this regard, you need to rollback to the previous release version by the Smart Switch PC version app on your computer. The rollback reset the device and removes data generated during beta testing.

How to feedback:

As mentioned above, One UI beta testers have the ability to provide their valuable feedback and enable the possibility of further improvements in the software system.

You can submit your feedback via the Samsung Members app on your smartphone. Follow the guidance below to file your feedback:

  1. Open Samsung Members app
  2. Select Beta feedback
  3. Send feedback

Note: To ensure relevant log information is included in the error report, submit the report within 3 minutes of encountering the bug or error, and do not terminate (swipe away) the Samsung Members application until you are notified that the report has been sent. This can take up to 5 minutes.

On the other hand, to provide UI or UX-related feedback, select Beta community and then Suggestions.


How about the official version:

Users will be able to download the One UI 4.0 official version once the testing finishes.

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How to set video as a watch face in Huawei Watch 3 series



Huawei Watch 3 Face

Huawei Watch 3 will allows setting your own animated Watch face with a duration of 5 – 10 seconds. Have you ever thought about doing so but couldn’t identify how to?  No worries, in this article I’ll give to the details producer so you can set a video that inspires you most.

Apart from being fun, video watch faces can also be used to keep yourselves motivated all time. You can choose from different videos, adjust the video part accordingly to what you want to look at, and set it as the watch face on the Huawei Watch 3.

Below you can check the step by step by guide to set a video as a watch face.

  • Open the Huawei Health App on your smartphone
  • Now tap of Devices in (option available at the bottom bar)
  • Select the smartwatch- Huawei Watch 3
  • Afterward, click on the More option
  • Head to the “Mine” section, here you’ll see the video in the edits
  • From here you can choose one of your favorite videos and trim and edit it
  • Once the trimmed video is saved on your smartphone, it’ll successfully apply to your Huawei Watch 3 watchface

Huawei Watch 3 Face

In addtition, this latest watch also offers about 30 pre-installed faces that perfectly go with your daily style for various occasions. Adding to this, you can also find over 1000 designs on the Huawei Watch Face Store on the Health App to give a little renovation to your style.


Hope you have learned the procedure, which is really easy. Be unique with this flagship Huawei smartwatch and keep all your favorite moments with you. Stay connected for more tips. 🙂

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How to test your stress level with Huawei Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro



Huawei Watch 3 Pro

We are living in an uncertain and stressful time that that’s why we need constant monitoring of our stress levels and entire lifestyle. Stress is something we all encounter, whether it’s particular situations in our lives or just a hectic day at work.

But, it can leave an impact on our health and lives, which is why stress detection, guided breathing, and mindfulness are all becoming key features.

With the advancement of technology, now the big wearable manufacture brands like Huawei, Apple, Fitbit, and more offering stress monitoring features with them.

Tracking your stress level gives you a better understanding of the strain and stress you’re putting on your body that could impact future workout sessions.


Here’s are the steps that you can follow on your Huawei smartwatch to test the stress level and view the stress data:

How to measure  your stress level:

Stress level on a one-off basis:

  • Open Huawei Health App
  • Tap on the Stress card
  • Tap on Stress Test to start
  • Follow the on-screen functions to calibrate your stress level

Stress level on a periodic basis:

  • Open Huawei Health App
  • Tap on the Health monitoring
  • Enable Automatic Stress Test
  • Follow the on-screen functions to calibrate your stress level


  • Wearable your watch correctly and keep it still to enable Huawei Watch 3 stress level feature.
  • The Watch will not test your stress level while you are doing a workout or moving your writs too frequently.
  • The accuracy of the stress test may be affected if the user has just taken caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs.
  • It may also be affected when the user suffers from heart disease or asthma is exercising or wears the watch incorrectly.

How to use Huawei Watch 3 stress level feature

Using Huawei Watch:

  • Open the In-app list on your watch by pressing up-button
  • Tap on the Stress option
  • Touch it to view the graph indicating changes to your stress level and including
    the stress bar chart, your stress level, and your stress interval.

Using Huawei Health App:

  • Open Huawei Health App
  • Tap on the Stress card to view your latest stress level and your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly stress curve and corresponding advice.
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