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Honor shares February 2024 MagicOS security patch details for its devices



Honor February 2024 security patch details

Honor has now shared the February 2024 security patch details for its phones and tablets. The new software development shows that the company takes care of its devices and keeps on renovating them with the latest bug fixes and security improvements.

At the same time, the tech giant is gradually pushing the new MagicOS 8.0 closed beta offerings for its flagship handsets. You can check out the complete MagicOS 8.0 software beta rollout, the list of eligible devices, and the timeline HERE.

Coming back, Honor February 2024 security patch details consist of 19 vulnerabilities fixes. Eventually, the respective patch ensures that your phone remains safe internally from all corners and increases its potential to fight harmful privacy exploits.

You can check the CVEs and their severity level below:


  • CVE-2024-0031


  • CVE-2024-0040, CVE-2024-0038, CVE-2024-0037, CVE-2024-0036, CVE-2024-0035, CVE-2024-0034, CVE-2024-0033, CVE-2024-0032, CVE-2024-0030, CVE-2024-0029, CVE-2023-45779, CVE-2023-43514, CVE-2023-40122, CVE-2023-33120, CVE-2023-33117, CVE-2023-33113, CVE- 2023-33110, CVE-2023-33094


  • None


  • None

It is worth mentioning that Honor will tag the new security patch in a phased rollout for its compatible models. This means that you may find some delay in experiencing the latest improvements in your phone. But don’t panic and wait patiently.

By that time, let’s have a look at the monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly devices that are eligible to fetch the newly released security patch and its enhancements.

Honor February 2024 security patch details


Magic Series:

  • Honor Magic 6 Pro, Honor Magic 6, Honor Magic V2 RSR Porsche Design, Honor Magic Vs2, Honor Magic V2, Honor Magic 5 Ultimate Edition, Honor Magic 5 Pro, Honor Magic 5, Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition, Honor Magic Vs, Honor Magic 4 Ultimate Edition, Honor Magic 4 Pro, Honor Magic 4, Honor Magic V, Honor Magic 3 Ultimate Edition, Honor Magic 3 Pro, Honor Magic 3

Honor V Series

  • Honor V Purse

Honor Digital Series

  • Honor 90 GT, Honor 100, Honor 100 Pro


Honor Digital Series:

  • Honor 90, Honor 90 Pro, Honor 80 GT, Honor 80 Pro, Honor 80 Pro direct screen, Honor 80, Honor 70 Pro, Honor 70 Pro+, Honor 70


Honor V series:

  • Honor V40, Honor V40 light luxury version

Honor digital series:

  • Honor 60 Pro, Honor 60, Honor 80 SE, Honor 60 SE, Honor 50 Pro, Honor 50

X series:

  • Honor X50 GT, Honor X50 Pro, Honor X50i+, Honor X40 GT racing version, Honor X50, Honor X50i, Honor X40 GT, Honor X40, Honor X40i

Honor Play series:

  • Honor Play 50 Plus, Honor Play 40S, Honor Play 40C, Honor Play 40, Honor Play 40 Plus, Honor Play 30, Honor Play 30M, Honor Play 30 Plus, Honor Play Play 20a

Play series:

  • Honor Play8T, Honor Play7T Pro, Honor Play7T, Honor Play6C, Honor Play6T Pro, Honor Play6T

Tablet series:

  • Honor Tablet 9, Honor Tablet MagicPad 13, Honor Tablet X8 Pro, Honor Tablet V8, Honor Tablet V8 Pro, Honor Tablet 8

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