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Himalaya app launches Huawei HarmonyOS native app development



Himalaya HarmonyOS native app development

Huawei and Himalaya – an inspirational audio content app launched the HarmonyOS native app development. The leading audiobook company has also completed the adaptation of the HarmonyOS native app version to offer users a rich and smart sound experience.

Himalaya (Chinese name – Ximalaya) is an amazing audio content application with short audio courses and motivational stories. It aims to serve insights that can significantly make your daily life better and provide immense peace of mind.

Users can listen to their favorite books, lectures, jokes, podcasts, bedtime stories, children’s stories, ghost stories, historical lectures, and many other audiobooks at any time and anywhere. You can even unlock exclusive content at a no-brainer cost.

To make these functions more efficient for users, the Himalaya app has adapted the HarmonyOS native app version and began the development in full swing. Huawei has officially announced this cooperation on its Weibo channel.

Himalaya HarmonyOS native app development

Eventually, this association will lead to the creation of a better ‘Sound Universe’ for Himalaya customers. HarmonyOS NEXT-based Himalaya app version will provide more responsive and effective features that will amplify the overall user experience.

To date, more than 400 partners have joined the HarmonyOS ecosystem and began the native app development. Huawei is constantly cooperating with developers and other Chinese firms to extend its amazing software facilities throughout the country.

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