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High-end Huawei Mate 70 model might use OV50N and OV50M camera sensors



Huawei Mate 70 OV50N OV50M camera

A Weibo tipster implies that the high-end Huawei Mate 70 models might equip OV50N and OV50M camera sensors. The former sensor is the new 1-inch lens solution while the latter belongs to the telephoto category and offers proficient macro shots.

Tipster @DigitalChatStation shared a few insights on new OmniVision sensors. He states that the future Kirin, Qualcomm, and MediaTek chip-equipped phones will likely use camera solutions like OV50H, OV50K, OV50N/X, and OV50M.

Out of these, the first two were already swirling in Mate 70 rumors for a long time. But the tipster has now added two more effective camera sensors to the list.

Kirin flagship which refers to the Mate 70 series is expected to sport the OV50H as the primary camera. As per previous reports, the company may use it for the base version. Meanwhile, we can find the OV50K camera sensor for the high-end models.

The tipster states that OV50K is the first 1/1.3-inch sensor to run on the latest TheiaCel technology. It escalates the LOFIC components’ power to bring enhanced single-exposure HDR capabilities. It can also exhibit correlated multi-sampling features.

You can read more about the OmniVision OV50K sensor HERE.

Huawei RYYB camera Sensor

Huawei to use new camera sensors for Mate 70 flagship (Image Credits: Huawei)

New Sensors:

Further input hints at OV50N and OV50M camera sensors for Huawei Mate 70 series. The blogger said that some high-end models could use OV50N/X optical solution.

OV50N Camera Sensor

OV50X is said to arrive with the Pura 80 series next year. Though OV50N could show up in 2024 with the next Huawei flagship handsets. It seems to be more excellent than double transistor technology and adopts upgraded LOFIC functionalities.

The OV50N sensor is also considered OmniVision’s top sensor and can outperform the LYT900. It is one step ahead of the OV50K in photography experience.

OV50M Camera Sensor

This is a mid-range telephoto sensor that is likely to replace the JN1. It is a 1/2.88-inch sensor with a 3.2x focal length (as per some netizens). The respective lens solution is a new technology that focuses on better light intake for macro shots.

Previous Reports:

An early input suggested that OmnVision will launch some new camera sensors by the end of this year and the Huawei Mate 70 series could equip them for an enriched imaging experience. Hence we may find the above-mentioned sensors (at least one, if not two) in the flagship models.

Huawei Mate 70 OV50N OV50M camera

Huawei Mate 70 high-end models could use OV50N and OV50M sensors (Image Credits: Weibo)

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