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Here’s why you receive large EMUI update package



why large emui package

Recently, a Huawei smartphone user reached out to us with a grave concern about a large EMUI update package, which goes in GB and the changelog only shows a monthly security patch. Why did this happen? And why do we often see this kind of large EMUI update in Huawei smartphones? Let’s check out the reasons.

Huawei releases software updates in monthly and quarterly timespan. Therefore, these update resolves both security and feature concerns. Some updates even install new features and major software overhauls.

However, we’re only talking about the regular software upgrade here.

There are two reasons of your phone receives a massive software:

  1. Big features or optimizations
  2. Combined delayed rollout.

Big features:

These updates come occasionally when the company releases new features and optimizations. New additions and enhancements may carry heavy weight up to 1 or 2 GB. However, these are also part of the regular upgrade procedure and improve the phone.


This part is a bit advanced and simple to understand. The screenshot below is the perfect example of this scenario. The user was shocked to see 5.6GB of the package for just a security patch, which is quite common to us.

why large emui package

But there’s an ultimate reason, which we confirmed with the user, as he had not received or checked for update for months. There’s no exact time confirmed at the moment but the package size is a combination of the firmware that the phone missed.

In simple words, it contains all of the security patches from the past months (not installed) and come in a single large package size. This often happens to Huawei smartphones and we’ve already reported this quite a few times.

Due to the important security patches, Huawei doesn’t want the phone to lack any security improvements. Therefore, it releases all of the packages for the smartphone at once. However, it only happens to people, who don’t update their device for a prolonged time.


To be mentioned, the security patch only comes in megabytes of package sizes and we suggest all of the EMUI phone owners get these update as soon as they arrive.

Amy is our firmware and software specialist, she keeps her eagle eyes open for new software rollouts, beta programs, and other software related activities as well as new smartphone launch.