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Here’s how to use 5G on your 4G Huawei phone



Post Huawei U.S. tensions, the Chinese tech maker is trying to get new network solutions to get over its mobile 5G issue. In the latest edition, Huawei has launched a case that could make 4G phones 5G enabled in seconds.

According to the information, a Chinese network solution maker – Soyealink has launched a new phone case for Huawei phones that comes with an embedded 5G network solution. It’s launched as a go-to solution for Huawei phones such as the P50 series and enables 5G from 4G hardware.

5g case huawei

Let’s explore the design of this case.

The renders show that the case has a pretty close design to conventional rear phone covers but this new 5G phone weighs about 52g and has a large thickness of around 3.2mm. The case comes in gray color with leather materials for a better finishing and solid grip.

5g case huawei

It’s clearly shown that the product has been made for the Huawei P50 series to bring 5G connectivity onboard this 4G lineup. However, the manufacturer has also reportedly planned to adapt this solution for more smartphones in the future.

5g case huawei

How to use:

Before the installation, users must have to enable the eSIM service to get a 5G network experience. After installing the case, users will be prompted with new guidelines and instructions to set up this phone.

Simultaneously, the main card of the phone and the eSIM network of the 5G network case are merged into one card and displayed in the phone’s taskbar.

Looking at the design, the cover has a P50-like camera cutout and there is a slight area cut out from the left and right sides to access function keys.


As shown on the store, the official pricing of this cover is 799 yuan (118USD/112EUR) but the product is yet to launch for consumers, which is expected to be around June this year. The company will further put light on the official channels for sale.


Supported Networks:

  • 5G-Sub 6, NSA + SA


USB interface:

  • USB Type-C interface, mobile phone with shell can support USB 2.0 OTG devices, digital headphones, connect PC data transmission and super fast charging

Power supply mode:

  • Power supply via USB connection to mobile phone

Frequency band:

  • SA: N1, N3, N41, N77/78, N79, N28
  • NSA: B3 + N41, B3 + N78, B3 + N79,
  • B1 + N78, B39 + N41, B41 + N79,
  • B39 + N79, B5 + N78, B8 + N78


  • eSIM

(via – ithome)

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