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Here’s how to switch from EMUI to HarmonyOS




Global Huawei smartphone uses EMUI software because the company is not yet ready to upgrade all of the devices to the HarmonyOS operating system outside of China. However, there is a trick that may allow you to switch from EMUI to HarmonyOS.

Note: This guide will only show you a possible way to switch over HarmonyOS from EMUI. We can’t promise that it would work 100%. If successful, the software may make significant changes to your phone’s software.

To do this, you need to download and install the latest My Huawei app from AppGallery (if not available on your phone).

To begin, open the My Huawei app and then tap on the Me section on the bottom right section. Also, the page includes a “Settings” option. Now you need to select a different country from your current one. Now you need to select “Hong Kong, China” That’s it from this step.

Note: Also, this is a beta build and not a stable release. Also, changing countries may also end up losing your purchase or current virtual resources. Please consider this as well before proceeding.

Select Trial Version:

Scroll below to see the “HarmonyOS” trial version. You can check the instance of this step in the screenshot. Tap on the second option “Trial version upgrade” to participate in the beta version of HarmonyOS.

There are subsequent steps for beta signup that you need to follow. You can take the help of a translation app to confirm the feature. After signup, you will receive a notification on the status of your beta application.

If successful, you can check for the latest software update via the phone’s Settings and download a new version. To remind you, this is an experimental build or a test build, so there could be some bugs.

switch EMUI HarmonyOS

There’s a high probability that the South East Asian version of phones could get the first slot in the beta train.


With this technique, EMUI 13 powered Huawei Mate 50 Pro users to the Chinese software. We haven’t found any major difference between EMUI 13 and HarmonyOS 3 software, EMUI 13 is a derivative version of Chinese HarmonyOS.

All of the features are almost identical. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide on this matter.

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