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Here are all of the new HarmonyOS 4 features rolling out for Huawei routers



HarmonyOS 4 features Huawei routers

Huawei recently announced the HarmonyOS 4 upgrade for its smart routers increasing the efficiency and performance with added new features.

Dual Wi-Fi: This new update brings dual Wi-Fi, which includes 2.4Ghz frequency bands to transmit data simultaneously, it supports the optimization of mobile app interesting speed and increases the download rate by 92% while reducing latency by 77%.

HarmonyOS 4 features Huawei routers

PC games acceleration: HarmonyOS 4 brings over 40 new popular PC games, which could reduce latency by 20% and make overall gameplay much smoother.

Adaptive scenarios: HarmonyOS 4 installs smart technology that can identify user’s internet usage and the scenario to provide custom network aggregation such as shopping, short videos, gaming, live streaming, and more.

Improved network performance: HarmonyOS 4 for smart routers will optimize the power transmission with the new algorithm. It also improves the noise reduction capability of the device to remain silent while providing active internet access.

These new HarmonyOS 4 features for Huawei routers series is rolling out in batches and may take some to cover all of the users devices.

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