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Here are all of the Huawei EMUI 14 features




Huawei EMUI 14 is loaded with a range of smart features and improves the user experience from personalization to animations as well as privacy and security.

This new EMUI version will make its way to customers with new devices and existing phones via OTA updates.

Here are the key EMUI 14 features:

  • Magazine Themes
  • Interactive Themes
  • Live View
  • SuperHub 2.0
  • Ark Engine
  • Privacy Center
  • Security Center

Magazine Themes

The new themes allow you to add a photograph as a portrait to existing presets. You can customize the theme’s layout and elements to suit your style.

Once customized you can set the theme and it will apply a smooth animation while unlocking the device. Each of these magazine themes adapts a color pallet from the wallpaper and applies it to the app icons.

Interactive themes:

The two additions of these themes are – emojis and weather themes. The first one adds a bunch of emojis on your screen based on your selection.

EMUI 14 Features Emoji theme

EMUI 14 Emoji Theme

The second theme will apply a live weather wallpaper that will replicate the weather of your current location. It will also change depending on the viewing angle on the screen.

EMUI 14 features

EMUI 14 Weather Theme

Live View

This new capability enables you to check the status of any live activity on your device. The live view window will appear on the lock screen, home screen, and other places while it is active. The live view will expand when you touch it.

EMUI 14 Live View

SuperHub 2.0

EMUI 14 comes with SuperHub 2.0 which now supports drag and drop capability between apps and different devices.

SuperHub 2.0

Smooth animations:

The new EMUI version carries Ark Engine and it improves the animations across the software. The animations are much smoother than EMUI 13 and they will appear throughout the software including transitions.

Privacy Center

You can check how frequently your apps access your phone’s data. Privacy Center comes with a dashboard with permission access history and risky app behaviors identification.

Privacy Center

Security Center

Security center on the other hand will scan your device to detect potential harmful apps and viruses. It will also identify malicious apps to protect the phone.

Security Center

These are the key EMUI 14 features but there could be a lot more to explore in the software. What’s your favorite EMUI 14 feature?

Amy is our firmware and software specialist, she keeps her eagle eyes open for new software rollouts, beta programs, and other software related activities as well as new smartphone launch.