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Have you obtained Huawei AppGallery beta version?



HUAWEI AppGallery

Currently, Huawei started releasing a new beta version for the official application store, AppGallery. The update aims to improve the usability of the app for Huawei consumers.

The July 2022 beta version of AppGallery doesn’t add any particular changes in the changelog. But, it surely comes with various optimization that pushes the app to run smoothly on your smartphone.

This AppGallery pre-release version is pushed for a group of users to experience new features and changes, which are still a surprise to us. So if you are a beta tester then must share your experience with us.

Huawei AppGallery

Huawei AppGallery ensures application security, gathers expert editors from around the world, and reveals applications in various ways. Also, it offers a bunch of new application that is compatible with your smartphone.

HUAWEI AppGallery

And soon Huawei does not allow the submission of new apps to AppGallery, which fall into the most dangerous categories, including system cache cleaners and Wi-Fi. The whole movement aims to improve the privacy and security of users.

This is going to be the major step to prevent a serious impact on the user’s experience due to the arrangement and illegal collection of users’ personal info. Read more

Here is how to access app update notifications:

We all know that AppGallery is not only the junction of applications but it also gives you access to update them. However, it’s harsh to check again and again for the pending application updates, to get rid of this we bring a tip that helps you’re to receive a notification whenever the updates available.

AppGallery notifications:

  • Launch the AppGallery
  • Then Me option
  • Click on Settings
  • Now enable Update notification and Notifications

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