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HarmonyOS NEXT to bring less advertisements in pre-installed apps



HarmonyOS NEXT advertisements apps

HarmonyOS NEXT is in the making and a new leak suggests that the upcoming OS will bring fewer advertisements for pre-installed apps. Perhaps, the company is trying to improve the next HarmonyOS software version in every aspect.

Weibo Tipster @FixedFocus has shared a new input revealing that Huawei’s new HarmonyOS NEXT won’t let you complain about advertisements. There will be fewer ads for the pre-loaded apps, compared to previous software builds.

Meanwhile, there will be no ads in the future device’s in-built software. Users may see some advertisements in third-party apps or software but the overall functioning will be quite beneficial and improved over earlier HarmonyOS versions.

HarmonyOS is a self-developed operating system of Huawei that installs useful features and tools. Despite several positive points, a major issue that has been encountered by most Huawei phone holders is advertisement appearance on the screen.

HarmonyOS NEXT advertisements apps

In past years, many users complained that while surfing AppGallery or working on the Huawei browser, they came across unwanted ads. Compared to Android vendors, HarmonyOS still displays fewer advertisements in the pre-installed apps. Yet, it is no less than an annoying experience.

Moreover, some users even said that ads in the pre-installed applications on Huawei devices occupy the whole screen. Launching an app on a HarmonyOS-powered phone simply became irritating for users. However, the company has started working on this matter.

Consequently, HarmonyOS NEXT will be a point of relief for users as it won’t deliver a huge bunch of advertisements in pre-installed apps. On the greener side, it will make the system application fluent by 20-30%, more power efficient, and supportive of multi-device collaboration.

Moreover, HarmonyOS NEXT will be independent with excellent facilities. Thus, users will enjoy high-quality applications in the time ahead.


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