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HarmonyOS NEXT may introduce new AI features for Huawei devices



Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT AI features

HarmonyOS NEXT beta for Huawei devices is on the way and it seems the upcoming software may introduce a series of new AI features. Here is an interesting tidbit that sheds light on how this major upgrade could make your phone a real AI-driven device!

According to Weibo tipster @BeijingDigitalMaster, HarmonyOS NEXT will bring several AI features to Huawei devices. The OEM has imposed artificial intelligence to the base of its new software system, making it smarter and capable of every task.

Even though the exact feature details are currently unclear, it is said to ease your daily operations on your Huawei device. For instance, your phone or tablet will perform certain tasks automatically without asking for any inputs or multiple steps.

It could also manage most of the functions and tools of apps, making them convenient to use anytime. Things related to this topic would likely get more clear with the HarmonyOS NEXT beta release at the HDC 2024 event on June 21.

The tipster further states that Huawei might not be standing in the first place when it comes to AI, yet the company is not behind. The hint seems toward Android and iOS that are bringing some powerful AI capabilities with their new versions.

Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT AI features

HarmonyOS NEXT may introduce new AI features (Image Credits: Weibo)

HarmonyOS NEXT features and major capabilities are under the hood. But we may see them with the Mate 70 series later this year. Till then, let’s hold our patience.

The Chinese tech giant is expanding HarmonyOS app ecosystem. It has welcomed many new partners and helped them develop the HarmonyOS native app version. Hence users will experience a smarter as well as safer app experience on devices.

HarmonyOS overtakes iOS!

A report has shown that HarmonyOS left iOS behind in China for the first quarter of this year. Major reasons for this win are 5G adoption and consumer support for native products. Perhaps, HarmonyOS NEXT will bring more achievements for the company in future.

Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT AI features

HarmonyOS NEXT may introduce new AI features (Image Credits: Huawei)

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