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HarmonyOS NEXT changes control panel and improves it further



HarmonyOS NEXT Control Panel

Huawei has recently announced a preview of the developer HarmonyOS NEXT operating system and there’s a new major change coming to the user interface including the control panel.

The company has gone with a completely new vision for the crucial functionality as compared to the past version of HarmonyOS.

Let’s look at the details that we have on this matter.


Unlike the current HarmonyOS version, the new control panel in HarmonyOS NEXT brings combined elements. When you swipe down the feature you will see a full view of the entire control panel instead of retracted quick settings icons.

Every feature is now at the same distance from each other and the entire screen looks clean.


The size of control panel cards and icons has been changing as well, this is the most interesting part of the refreshed design. The background shapes of each section and feature are more round than ever before.

HarmonyOS NEXT Control Panel

HarmonyOS NEXT Control Panel


The quick settings are the biggest, each icon now has its tile and there’s no background shape. The brightness slider is also massive and covers the entire width of the screen as illustrated by the company.

Although, there is nothing to see in the official revelation but the super device tile has been dropped to the lowest part of the control panel UI.

HarmonyOS NEXT Control Panel

The edit and settings buttons are now divided into left and right sides respectively on the top side. These icons are also pretty improved in comparison to their existing appearance.


Overall, the control panel elements and design are round and bigger, brighter to improve the visibility and accessibility of each function that it represents. However, this is just an early look at this feature and there is more that we may see with final release.

HarmonyOS NEXT software may not be coming in public before the second quarter with wide release in the fourth quarter.

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