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HarmonyOS is most popular software in Global Engineering Frontiers 2023 ranking



HarmonyOS Global Engineering Frontiers

Huawei continues to implement new improvements and significant features to its software and these simple efforts have made HarmonyOS the most popular software in the Global Engineering Frontiers 2023. In addition, ChatGPT has secured good scores in this ranking.

The Chinese Academy of Engineering and some other institutes have recently published the Global Engineering Frontiers 2023 report. This research shows the top ten global achievements of this year. Gladly, Huawei and OpenAI are one of them.

Around 93 research and 94 development frontiers were evaluated in this report. Among them, Huawei HarmonyOS is the most in-demand software in the Global Engineering Frontiers 2023 ranking. Next is ChatGPT, which has also been successfully selected in this list.

HarmonyOS Global Engineering Frontiers

The ranking is based on several aspects. It includes mechanical and carrier engineering, information and electronics, the chemical industry, metallurgy and materials, energy and mining, civil, water conservation and construction, environment and textile, agriculture, medicine, and health management.

Meanwhile, the report distributes points for three categories. The first ranks for how emerging technologies such as robots, large models, and quantum chips are evolving. They should be compatible with new momentum for global innovation.

The second one is for advanced integration and innovation. In simple words, the new tech products should accelerate their cooperation in multiple sectors with accuracy and low carbonization. The last one is to produce in-depth apps that can fix problems effectively.

Eventually, HarmonyOS qualified for all these three categories and achieved its spot in the two most famous software of this year. No doubt, Huawei will continue to possess advanced features that will make its product better in the time ahead.


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