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HarmonyOS Global: Will it launch in 2022? [Poll]



harmonyos global launch

Huawei‘s self-developed operating system – HarmonyOS comes with various new features compared to Android. However, the Chinese tech maker has kept HarmonyOS exclusive for the Chinese phone models and its launch for global consumers remained unconfirmed.

Meanwhile, there are various reports that continue to surge from time to time to keep the enthusiasm of HarmonyOS global launch among overseas consumers. Therefore, a report from the past mentioned that the HarmonyOS could launch in 2022.

Soon after this report, Huawei contacted and informed us that there’s no HarmonyOS global launch scheduled for the near future. Therefore, you can experience HarmonyOS in tablet and smartwatch devices that are being sold in the global markets.

“Currently, there is no plan for smartphones outside China to upgrade to HarmonyOS, but users can also enjoy HarmonyOS 2 and its ground-breaking user experience on the recently launched Huawei tablets, Huawei Vision, and smartwatches.” Huawei

harmonyos global launch

To be mentioned, the recently launch global variant of Huawei P50 and P50 Pocket are also equipped with EMUI 12. On the other side, the Chinese tech maker had introduced these flagship phones with HarmonyOS.

Moving on, Huawei also told that the plan is to currently continue with EMUI 12 and provide HarmonyOS experience with this new software.

If we look into the details, Huawei has really jumped to the point that EMUI 12 matches the user interface with HarmonyOS. Still, there are a few features that you’ll miss on the EMUI 12 of HarmonyOS but upgrading to EMUI 12 will surely be worth your time.

So, do you think HarmonyOS will launch for global smartphones in 2022? Let us know in the poll linked below.

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