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HarmonyOS 3.1 prepares for public rollout



HarmonyOS 3.1

Last month, Huawei began testing HarmonyOS 3.1 developer beta in the P50 series and it’s now come to our understanding that the company is preparing to make it public.

According to our information, the current progress of HarmonyOS 3.1 development is pretty fast and Huawei is almost close to the end of the developer beta. We can expect the company releases this software by early April.

The first of the models for this beta test includes P50 and Mate 50 series but there are more smartphones that will be announced as a part of the roadmap.

HarmonyOS 3.1:

According to past inputs, HarmonyOS 3.1 comes as a major fix and optimization in fluency. Early walkthrough reveals new improvements in animations. The movements are fluid and installed in the control panel as well as the notification panel.

Moving on, Huawei has fetched new options for the media manager. And, new enhancements are added to the shape selection of the Huawei widgets.

HarmonyOS 3.1 paced up improvements over HarmonyOS 3.0, it’s reported that the software provides fast task execution and application launches.

The latest changes in the software are possible after the inclusion of HarmonyOS Design, a new design framework. The developers are now able to build better animations based on gravity-based physic systems.

Looking more into this, HarmonyOS 3.1 equips ArkTS development language developed by Huawei based on TypeScript (TS), which matches the ArkUI framework.

ArkUI framework is used for building distributed app interface that matches different platforms and devices. Last but not least, the Ark compiler is getting better with this HarmonyOS version for fast and efficient app development.


Huawei is likely to gear up the Huawei P60 series as the first recipient of this HarmonyOS software, which will launch later this month.

The flagship launch will mark the beginning of HarmonyOS 3.1 public release for old devices. Also, the first in the line is Huawei Mate 50 and P50 series, followed by other models.

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