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HarmonyOS 3.1 Developer beta open for smartphone users



HarmonyOS 3.1

Today, HarmonyOS 3.1 developer preview testing is opened for smartphone users, this recruitment will enable developers to participate in the open beta activity with developer-only features directly into a real device.

According to the information, HarmonyOS 3.1 developer beta is currently being announced for the first phase of devices including Huawei P50 and P50 Pro. However, Huawei has confirmed to add more devices to the test pool later on. Also, a more friendly and subtle beta test is likely to begin in March.

To be mentioned, HarmonyOS 3.1 developer open beta recruitment is applicable until February 13, 2023. Afterward, Huawei will review the test applications. Selected testers will receive an email or SMS to download HarmonyOS 3.1 developer beta OTA rollout.

Also, this beta activity is available only for the Chinese models and only real authenticated accounts will pass the developer beta signup.HarmonyOS 3.1 developer beta


HarmonyOS 3.1 comes constructively adds a new ArkTS language, and with the latest public test, you will experience the improvements and efficiency of the app powered by ArkTS language, STage model, ArkUI, and more.

Below you can check the HarmonyOS 3.1 developer preview features:

  • The ability framework adds a stage development model, including stage model life cycle management, scheduling, callback, context acquisition, authentication, and more. At the same time, the operation and management capabilities of the application are enhanced.
  • The ArkUI development framework enhances the declarative Canvas/XComponent component capabilities, enhances component layout capabilities and state management capabilities, and optimizes the usability of some components.
  • Application package management adds an interface for querying properties related to applications, ability, and ExtensionAbility.
  • The common basic class library supports Buffer binary reading and writing.
  • Web services add support for document preview and basic editing functions of document-type web applications, as well as cookie management and storage management.
  • Added support for YUV, webp image codec, and other capabilities for graphics and images. Added native vsync capabilities, and supports self-drawing engines to independently control the rendering rhythm.
  • Added camera configuration and preview functions in Media Services.
  • The window service adds window-related interfaces under the Stage model, which enhances the window rotation capability and enhances the avoidance area query capability.
  • The globalization service has newly added support for internationalization enhancement capabilities such as time zone lists, transliteration, and phone number attribution.
  • The basic capabilities of common events are enhanced, and the commonEvent module is changed to commonEventManager.
  • The resource management service adds a synchronization interface for resource acquisition, a new interface for querying resource values ​​​​based on names, a new interface for querying number and float resource types, and a new way for Stage model resource query.
  • Input method service adds input method cursor direction constant.

HarmonyOS 3.1

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