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Google Android 13: Early features and leaks



android 13 early features

Smartphone makers are working to rollout the new Android 12 version but the news about Google‘s next operating system version – Android 13 is already on the horizon. Although, Google has not announced any of the official information about Android 13 but there are some early features that have recently been dropped.

According to inputs coming from reports, the Android 13 is codenamed “Tiramisu” which will be unveiled after Android 12L’s stable launch. Therefore, we’ll be going to explore all of the early Android 13 features that we currently have.

App Language:

As reported by AndroidPolice, Google is working on a new Android 13 feature codenamed “Paningual” that will allow users to apply language settings per app, separately, which is a big change that Google is working to provide for the Android consumers.

For instance, a user can change and keep the language of the app in Spanish and keep the entire system UI language to English. This new feature appears in the App Languages option in Language & input options in the settings.


Lock Screen Lock Layouts:

Android 13 will also bring new lock screen settings to toggle the layout of the clock on the lock screen.

QR Codes:

Android 13 will have new features in the QR code scanning section that will bring a QR code scanner directly accessible from the lock screen. In the past version of Android, you must have to access a camera or another application.

android 13 early features

Better User profile safety:

Android 13 has a lot to offer and the early signs show that it will include a new keyguard profile feature, that lets you switch to a different user profile before unlocking it. (via – Androidpolice)

Once on the user profile menu, you can switch PIN/password entrance display and let you switch between different profiles from a drop-down menu.

There’s more, you’ll have the option to disable the default press and hold button feature to invoke the google assistant feature. That wasn’t available before in terms of accessibility.

Tap to transfer:

Worried about transferring media files? Google has made some shifts with Android 13 and brought it TTT – Tap To Transfer. The feature will allow you to share the music file with another device. (via – xda)

There are more features that will come to be in the spotlight and we’ll keep you posted.

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