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huawei browser

Huawei Browser app is a way to search for news and all of the information right from your Huawei smartphone. Recently, the company has released a new Huawei Browser version – that further improves the user experience of this browsing app.

In terms of changes, the Huawei Browser app comes with new optimizations for power consumption as well as performance. On the other hand, it also improves the security aspects of the app to protect your online privacy.

You can download the latest Huawei Browser version directly from AppGallery or our dedicated app download page here (link).

huawei browser

Huawei Browser:

Huawei browser comes with high-speed web browsing features, dedicated night mode to safe-keep your eyes, a private browser and allows you to save passwords. The app is continuously being improved with new features and addons to extend the use cases. Huawei Browser also translates web page and enable desktop site mode.

Furthermore, the app let’s modify many of the browser’s setting that helps you to customize the app according to your preference. To do so, open the Huawei Browser app and tap on the dots on the top right or bottom side of the display, and tap settings. Then follow the on-screen instructions and set of features to tweak the changes.

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