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Get Huawei P60 Series wallpapers on your phone



Huawei P60 series wallpapers

Huawei P60 series comes with a colorful and eye-catching design as well as home screen wallpapers that you can now get for your smartphones and make it feel like a Huawei P60 device.

Get your Huawei P60 series wallpapers from here (Link)

Download the wallpapers and unzip them in the internal storage. Next is to open settings, from here navigate to the Home screen and wallpapers and select Wallpapers. Now select Gallery and choose your wallpaper and tap on apply. You can choose either the lock screen or home screen or both.

These wallpapers are designed to their variants including Rococo Pearl, Violet, Black, and Green. There are also other wallpapers that remind us of extra Huawei P50 series wallpapers. However, these ones are looking way better and suit the Huawei P60 series.

The signature Rococo Pearl advocates romance and elegant style. The Anti-Fingerprint Feather-Sand Glass on the Violet version offers a soothing sensation while managing to stay smudge-free. The Black version, adopting the Anti-Fingerprint Feather-Sand Glass, is a classic piece of work. The polished glass cover on the Green version brings the elegance of jade into the palm of your hand.

Huawei P60 series wallpapers

Huawei P60 Series:

Huawei P60 series is special and it brings back a high-quality display with a brand new quad curve overflow display. The screen looks amazing and it blends into the frame to showcase the on-screen view.

The latest wallpapers look good on a 6.67-inch screen with 1.07 billion colors, an LTPO OLD panel, and 1-120 Hz adaptive refresh with high dynamic refresh rates.

It has a high-performance 1440 Hz high-frequency PWM dimming and provides better touch response with a 300-touch sampling rate. The screen generates new quality visuals at 2700 x 1220 pixels resolution.

The rear of the phone uses a unique pearl texture design that makes it shine through with different angles. Its pattern changes with each rotation of the phone.

(source – Huaweiailesi)

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