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Four reasons to buy Huawei Mate 50 flagship



Huawei Mate 50 flagship

Huawei Mate 50 flagship launched with several eye-catching features. With a modern design and elegant outlook, the device can easily attract your mind and drag your attention over it. There are various reasons to get a Huawei Mate 50 but there are four of them that we’ll explore.

Apart from the shiny layout, the Mate 50 series smartphones also carry thoughtful functions and super-ultra technologies. For instance, the first-ever satellite communication features, powerful processors, EMUI 13, and more.

But, if you are still in a dilemma about which phone you should go for in the market, then this article can help you. Here are the four unique reasons that define, why and how Huawei Mate 50 or Mate 50 Pro flagship is different from other gadgets.

Glamorous Mate Look

Every Huawei phone comes with a unique design. But have you seen the Mate 50? The company has launched the device with a beautiful and subtle structure. From front to back and top to bottom, the phone is wearing glamour around itself.

The standard edition exhibits a top center hole at the front panel, while the Pro version shines with a wide notch. Furthermore, it attaches a Kunlun glass which is 10 times drop-resistant. On the flip side, the device holds a massive circular camera plateau with a diamond-cut texture.

Are you a water person and love taking your handset underwater? No worries, as the device is 6-meter water reliant. With refined patterns and symmetrical designs, the phone is a perfect example of attractiveness.

Giving more hype to these touch-ups, the company has unveiled the phone in four dazzling colors: Blue, Orange, Silver, Purple, and Black. Each shade highlights the handset’s design differently which is no less than a wonder. Note: Colors availability may differ according to the market.

Huawei Mate 50 flagship

XMAGE: New Era of Photography

Next, we have the XMAGE factory which provides outstanding image results. Again, Mate 50 series is the first to bring XMAGE imaging technology. This new feature is the outcome of years of research and hard work.

Well, I must say that the hard work has paid off. Eventually, the new technology enhances the quality of images to the next level. It captures impressive pictures with vibrant colors, sharp details, and perfect lighting exposure.

And if you think that this is not enough, then you must turn your eyes towards the 50MP Ultra Aperture Camera. This component is adjustable up to 10 aperture sizes. Besides, it offers you functions such as super night shot, professional portrait, super macro sensor, and more.

ultra aperture camera

Performance: Just like a champion

What do you expect for your handy gadget in terms of performance? Well, I prefer stability and responsiveness in my device. Moreover, it should have a brilliant battery that could boost the functioning system.

Consequently, the Huawei Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro packs 4650mAh and 4700mAh batteries respectively. However, these two models recharge fast with a 66W in wired condition and 50W wireless charging. But the best part is the latest emergency battery mode that extends the phone life even at 1 percent.

battery and charging

Security at peak

Huawei Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro pre-packs with EMUI 13 and takes care of your privacy. Thus, it offers you an advanced and convenient SuperHub with enriched privacy and security aspects. On the other hand, you will find some extraordinary services like the Smart Widgets feature that will accompany you with a productive experience.

With all these powerful capabilities which can smartly satisfy our requirements, Mate 50 is worth adding to your collection.


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