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Four Huawei MatePad tablet join HarmonyOS 4 closed beta



Huawei MatePad

  • Four Huawei MatePad tablet devices included in HarmonyOS 4 closed beta activity
  • HarmonyOS 4 closed beta enables new features

Huawei today began HarmonyOS 4 closed beta recruitment for four new tablet devices to seed new features in these large-screen models from the MatePad series. Below you can check all of the devices participating in this beta activity.

  1. Huawei MatePad 2023
  2. Huawei MatePad Pro 5G 10.8 version
  3. Huawei MatePad Pro 10.8-inch version
  4. Huawei MatePad 10.8-inch version

Recruitment time:

  • October 25, 2023 – November 1, 2023
four huawei tablet harmonyos 4 beta

Source – Huawei

Review Process:

It is expected to complete the review of all registered users before November 6. Huawei will review it as soon as possible. After submitting the registration information, please wait patiently for the official review notification (“My Huawei” App – Home Page – Message Icon in the upper right corner – My Message) or pay attention to the review status on the registration page. Due to the long time period for registration review and version push, your registration experience may be affected. If you mind, please wait patiently for subsequent public beta activities/official versions.

HarmonyOS 4 beta version rollout:

  • The first batch of 2,000 users who have passed the review is expected to push the version by the end of October.
  • For users other than the first batch, the signup applications will gradually review in batches according to the version progress, and push the version to users who have “passed the review”. It is expected to be completed in early November, and the final time will be based on the actual time of receiving the version.

Here are some important reviews for these four Huawei MatePad tablet users in order to participate in the latest HarmonyOS 4 beta test procedure.

Please make sure that the tablet has more than 8G of internal storage space, otherwise, there is a risk of upgrade failure (check the storage space method: Settings – Storage). Make sure your tablet does not have ROOT and that the device has been logged in to a Huawei account in advance. If not, you need to log in before you can register.

For users who sign up to participate in the closed beta version, please make sure that the current tablet version is on the baseline version for recruitment.

During the early beta duration of the Closed Beta version, please enable the tablet user experience improvement plan switch (path: Settings – System and Updates – User Experience Improvement Plan) to support the developer in conducting system and application analysis, fault diagnosis, and more, and continue to improve the quality of the version.

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