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Ericsson and Nokia gave up on Russia, Huawei is up for grab



Huawei Nokia Ericsson Russia

Ericsson and Nokia are planning to say exit from Russia. Both the cooperations have started reducing their business pursuits in the respective region. Ultimately, this discontinuation of Ericsson and Nokia in Russia will leave a huge vacant space for Huawei to set up its infrastructure.

In April this year, Ericsson announced its statement about breaking its business continuity in the region for an indefinite period. However, at that time, the company didn’t claim its words firmly. Yet, it seems like this suspension period will carry on to some more extent.

On the other hand, keeping one step ahead of Ericsson, Nokia announced that it will completely quit the country. The Finnish company’s executive made its words in front of the media, reporting that Nokia will leave Russia by the end of 2022.

“By the end of the year, the vast majority of our employees in Russia will be leaving Nokia, and we have vacated all offices. We will maintain a presence in the country until the legal shutdown is complete.”

Huawei Nokia Ericsson Russia

Huawei – the new option for Russian mobile operators!

So far, Ericsson paid 95 million USD for asset impairments and some more pence in the first half of the year. Alternatively, it stated that it will support the 400 Russian employees financially, till they meet a general cause for living. Besides, Nokia with 2000 Russian workers replies to fulfill the contractual statements with their employees.

According to the information, the major cause behind the withdrawal of Ericsson and Nokia is the unsatisfactory conditions of the companies. Limited maintenance of critical networks and humanitarian contracts does not let the firms enlarge their framework.

However, unlike Ericsson and Nokia, Huawei could expand its game in the playground of Russia. Since the mentioned companies will snatch their hands from the region, the country’s mobile operator will only be left with the Chinese options, which are Huawei and ZTE.


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