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EMUI vs Android 14: Back gesture animation [Video]



Android 14 beta is now open for all Google Pixel devices and there’s a new navigation button that Google is endorsing as a major change. Therefore, we can give the Android 14 back button gesture a comparison against our EMUI software.

What’s new in Android 14?

Virtual back button gesture is an important functionality of Android devices and it saves a lot of effort to jump back from an opened app. With Android 14, the back gesture arrow is getting a background shape.

Interstingly, Google has put some effort into this back arrow with gravity assist. It means the shape along with the arrow icon will be responsive to your on-screen gesture intensity. Whether you perform a fast maneuver or a slower one, the arrow will come out accordingly from either side of the screen.

Also, the arrow background shape is compatible with the dynamic theme. So, it will change the color according to the color palette. It certainly improves the user experience.


Coming to the competitor, EMUI is long been enjoying such upgrades and Huawei phone users know how the back gesture really works.

The back gesture button on EMUI comes with fluid animations, which explains the true meaning of gravity. The animation reacts accordingly and accurately. Unlike Android 14, EMUI uses a different approach and the entire scenario is much smoother.

To provide extended functionality, you can stretch the back navigation gesture on EMUI to open multi-window mode. In the process, the feature automatically changes the back icon to a multi-window mode.

The response time on both Android 14 and EMUI for the back gesture action is pretty fast. However, EMUI has better control over the animations.

Still, this is a better upgrade for Android smartphones because Samsung phones are ready to inherit the change and bring it out for the consumers.

Check the comparison video below.

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