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EMUI 13 vs EMUI 12: Changes in the settings menu



EMUI 13 settings menu

EMUI 13 comes with plenty of new features including swipe-up app gestures, new animations, customizable large folder layout, service widgets, and more. Aside from new capabilities, the EMUI 13 also brings new changes to the settings menu.

In comparison, the typography of the entire UI remained unchanged in EMUI 13 and the background cards are also identical to EMUI 12.

Some of the changes could be found in the settings options area, as the company has removed a few options and reshuffled a few features.

EMUI 13 settings menu

The Device+ feature is replaced with Super Device. This is a key functionality of the HarmonyOS operating system and allows users to connect all of a Huawei smartphone. The new addition has various capabilities in terms of smart device collaboration.

The “Notifications” area now also hosts status bar settings in the menu. last but not least, EMUI 13 removes wallet and pay settings from the menu if the wallet app is not installed.

That’s it, these are the key changes that have been made in the EMUI 13 settings as compared to EMUI 12.

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