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EMUI 13 beta expands to more global users



Huawei EMUI 13 beta more global users

Huawei has officially opened EMUI 13 beta for more global users. This is a brand new EMUI version, which will allow you to test the latest features ahead of the official release.

Huawei has officially announced EMUI 13 beta for several models including the P50 series, Mate Xs 2, Mate 40 Pro, and Nova 10 Series. As per the information the beta program is expanding for users in South Africa and the Middle East Region.

And the company has allotted 200 slots per device for this EMUI 13 beta activity.

  • Huawei P50 Pocket
  • Huawei P50 Pro
  • Huawei Mate Xs 2
  • Huawei Mate 40 Pro
  • Huawei Nova 10
  • Huawei Nova 10 SE


Back in March, Huawei began EMUI 13 beta for phone owners in the South East Asia region. However, the company kept it limited to the Huawei P50 Pro, Mate Xs 2, P50 Pocket, and Nova 10 Series (at that time).

The build is later delivered to the corresponding smartphones via the OTA update method. However, it disappointed many of the other smartphone owners in the European region.

Huawei EMUI 13 beta more global users


What’s more interesting is that the company has opened EMUI 13 beta for all smartphones altogether. This is a good sign for the users.

How to Join a Beta Campaign:

  • Download and install the Huawei Beta app to your devices through
  • Agree to terms and conditions upon opening the apps. Launch the app and log in with your Huawei ID.
  • Join the beta program by navigating to personal from the bottom tabs. Now you need to select Join Project > Available project. Here you will see the EMUI 13 beta campaign. Simply click on Sign up and you’re done!

Registration officially starts on 06/14/2023 and will end on 07/14/2023. The EMUI 13 Beta version update will be automatically pushed to your device via OTA starting from 06/30/2023. The actual push time prevails. For those of you who want to experience the new version of EMUI 13, sign up for the latest beta project.

You should know that the OTA update push may take some time once the application is submitted. Also, it’s good to know that EMUI 13 beta program is for more global Huawei smartphone users and there are more that may join soon.


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