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EMUI 13.1 will launch for global Huawei smartphones



EMUI 13.1

Huawei will launch EMUI 13.1 software for smartphones and it will bring new features to smartphones. According to the information, this software will include various new capabilities for global Huawei smartphones.

Earlier this year, we asked Huawei about EMUI 13.1 release. Our question was based on the concept of the dual flagship. It seems like, we were right and Huawei now confirmed that EMUI 13.1 will launch for global smartphones.

Huawei P60 series will unveil in the global market in May and these devices will pre-pack EMUI 13.1 along with Huawei Mate X3 foldable phone. You should know that EMUI 13.1 will reflect HarmonyOS 3.1. As Huawei P60 and Mate X3 devices bring this HarmonyOS version to China.

The new EMUI software will come with improvements in animation and the actions are smoother. However, the most interesting part of this new software relies on the fresh personalization features.

EMUI 13.1

First is the highly customizable screen, which allows you to set an image on the lock screen and it will expand to the entire display with a transition.

3D AOD widgets will also improve your way to interact with always on display including animated user experience, which will activate when you wake up the phone. This is an interesting addition to software.

Icons are also refined with slight changes in appearance and the entire UI responds better with each tap. Don’t forget that the new EMUI version will get you brand-new camera features. It has a brand new zoom bar that you can use by moving left or right similar to a camera.

Huawei cameras also get new options below the shutter button. You just have to tap on the upside icon and reveal the most common options and get more convenience. Currently, Huawei has not revealed the roadmap for this software but we’ll keep you posted with further development on this matter.

EMUI 13.1

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