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EMUI 13.1 Features: Custom Lock Screen, New Animations, 3D AOD and more



EMUI 13.1 Features

EMUI 13.1 comes with brand-new features and Huawei has designed these to improve the user experience. Although it’s not a huge upgrade but the new additions are major improvements as compared to EMUI 12.

However, we can’t just talk about the summary here because you can check the key changes mentioned below.

EMUI 13.1 features:

  1. New Themes
  2. 3D Weather AOD
  3. Custom Lock Screen
  4. Better Icons
  5. Seamless Animations
  6. New Camera Zoom Ring and Quick Menu

EMUI 13.1 Features


Huawei is promoting EMUI 13.1 with new themes for smartphones. There are several always-on-display themes that improve the user experience. For instance, Huawei P60 Pro and Mate X3 has their own themes powered by this new version.

3D Weather AOD:

EMUI 13.1 also brings 3D animated always on display. These are different than the traditional AOD feature and change dynamically based on the time of the day or weather.

Custom Lock Screen:

There are different lock screen customizations and custom art style AOD. You can now set full-screen wallpaper. This will automatically be rendered with animation and converted into an always-on display (AOD) similar to a pre-built theme.

Better Icons:

Huawei has made some refinements to the app icons. The shape of the icons is now better and smoother than EMUI 12. The graphics are also optimized to provide you with a better UI/UX experience.

Seamless Animations:

Animations are smoother than EMUI 13.0, the company has refined the gravity assist in several parts of the UI. For example, if you pull down the notification bar, the clock will show you a smooth transition in size change.

Another example of these animations is the tasks manager and service widget layout changer. These two will show you different levels of smoothness as feedback. Also, these aren’t the only animation effects because EMUI 13.1 has more that you can explore throughout different sections of the UI.

Camera app:

Last but not least, the biggest change after animations take us to the camera app. This a new capability that directly aims at a better photography user experience.

The camera now includes a new zoom ring, which is an upgrade from the side slider in EMUI 12. Also, there is a dedicated camera menu, which is now within reach of your thumb and stands right below the shutter button.


These features are exciting but Huawei has not shared EMUI 13.1 expansion for old devices. However, we remain optimistic and wait for the people to first get EMUI 13.0.

Amy is our firmware and software specialist, she keeps her eagle eyes open for new software rollouts, beta programs, and other software related activities as well as new smartphone launch.