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EMUI 12: New system performance



EMUI 12 performance

EMUI 12 comes with improved performance that enhances your user experience for long-term multitasking in different scenarios. Therefore you will get a whole new user experience with this new EMUI version.

According to Huawei, the EMUI 12 manages background processes efficiently, hence you will get faster access to apps and web surfing on the go. For instance, if you load up a page for once and want to revisit that page again, the page will open up faster.

For long-term use cases, EMUI 12 will bring you a better user experience as compared to EMUI 11. The same performance boost is derived for the background app processing in EMUI 12 to retain a background app alive as it is possible.

EMUI 12 performance

EMUI 12:

Launch last year, EMUI 12 comes with a brand new set of features that are interactive and has a new range of capabilities ready for your Huawei smartphone. So, what are these features anyway?

Well, there are some to mention first is the new user interface that is perfectly replicated via HarmonyOS operating system along with animations effects that will surely catch your eyes in the first use case.

Thereafter, don’t forget to use the new Control Panel that consists of different services in one place including the new media controller, connectivity controller, as well as smart device management powered by the Device+ feature.

More to come, check the new Notification Panel that now has its own space to explore in a new way. As mentioned above the performance has also been increased for better task handling.

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