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DXOMARK started smartphone audio test, Huawei Mate 20 X tops the ranking



Throughout recent years, the display and quality, and the camera system, as well as performance, has become the key requirements for smartphone consumers.

However, in the era of Livestream and high-quality media sharing, more and more users record audio content via their smartphones, showing the importance of audio quality.

Also, people not only create audio content but also consumes it through smartphone speaker playback by listening to music and videos.

By taking a note at this technological revolution, DXOMARK, a third-party camera evaluation platform has now officially started testing smartphone audio quality.

To evaluate a smartphone, DXOMARK has a team of audio engineers and uses a series of multimedia and audio samples that represent the full range of a user’s experience when recording and playing back the sound on speakers.

These examples are based on real-world, called use cases, as the basis for evaluating the audio input of each and every device under test to ensure fair comparisons.

In addition to the tests, DXOMARK has also announced its first batch of smartphones tested for audio quality and Huawei Mate 20 X has ranked first scoring 75 points.

You check the full evaluation process on the DXOMARK official website.

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