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Dragonfly FM is first to complete HarmonyOS native app beta development



Dragonfly FM HarmonyOS native app beta development

Dragonfly FM – the first audio content platform in China, has completed the development of the HarmonyOS native app beta version. Huawei has recently announced the news on its official Weibo channel, confirming an excellent experience for DragonFly FM customers.

Launched in 2011, Dragonfly FM is one of the oldest online audio content services in China. It has around 1500 radio stations in the home ground with 35000 certified anchors and provides high-quality content related to culture, finance, music, audiobooks, and more.

With a fan base of 450 million users and monthly active user traffic of 130 million, Dragonfly FM rules the radio world in China and enables consumers to listen to their favorite podcasts and audio content in different dialects as per their requirements.

As of now, the Dragonfly FM cooperation has become the first to mark a stamp on the HarmonyOS native app beta version development completion. This achievement will allow users to explore dynamic features and connect the app through multiple devices such as phones, tablets, cars, and more.

Dragonfly FM HarmonyOS native app beta development

According to the details, the audio company will impose a prominent ‘multi-device’ connection feature to further reduce development costs. The CEO of Dragonfly FM – Wang Lei put forth his thoughts on the latest achievement.

He said that Huawei has been an important partner for Dragonfly FM and the company is eagerly looking to witness and participate in the new HarmonyOS Ecosystem. These efforts will result in better audio services with richer and more entertaining experiences for users.

Meanwhile, both parties will not only remain confined to smartphone facilities but also push their services to other devices such as smart PCs, vehicles, wearables, and more in the time ahead.


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