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Huawei Petal Maps 2.7.301(002) update

Huawei released the second update for Petal Maps in July 2022 through AppGallery. Meanwhile, another update for the Huawei Petal Maps comes with the 2.7.301(002) version.

Just like the previous update, the company aims to bring some general improvements and bug fixes to the application to provide a better user experience. However, there is no new changelog noted in the new version of Huawei Petal Maps.

With the periodic updates released, we can assume that the company wants to encounter some issues that could harm your phone or compromise the user experience or it can be to increase the security of data that you shared while signing up in Petal Maps.

We recommend you prioritize grabbing this update on your Huawei Phone for further fixes and stability. Only you need to download 54.3 MB of data to install the new update of Petal Maps. You can set it up via AppGallery or directly through a third-party source.

  • Huawei Petal Maps 2.7.301(002) update: APKMirror

Huawei Petal Maps 2.7.301(002) update

Three things you should start trying on Petal Maps:

Lane Guidance for obstacle-free navigation:

Petal Maps provides lane guidance to help users find difficult routes, so you can go wherever you want without worrying about it while traveling. It prevents you from driving during rush. This feature is to identify feature road scenarios in like the upcoming turns.

Badge unlocking by contributing reviews and reports:

Huawei Petal Maps users can change to earn badges by logging in and contributing. The company offers you a tiered membership scheme that gives you reward-based medals, points, and achievements when you join the app.

You can plan a road trip with Nearby recommendations:

It’s harsh to decide where to go or where to stop on a road trip, for you Huawei Petal Maps give your NearBy feature to dish your recommendation, as it shows your nearby hotel, restaurants, and loads more.

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