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Huawei Health

Huawei Health wearBeta is now rolling out for Huawei smartphone users, this new beta brings new unreleased features for smartwatch owners. However, due to a missing changelog, we can’t determine the exact feature additions.

Moving aside, Huawei Health is an amazing app that allows you to keep your health data everywhere. The app could showcase your progress and summaries your vitals in different categories.

Huawei Health

You can also participate in the exercise program or compete with other users Huawei Health community. Device management is another important aspect of the Huawei health app, which enables smartwatch customizations and firmware installation. This makes the app super convenient for all types of smartwatch-related activities.

Moreover, you can manage your profile and subscriptions right inside the app. However, there are only a few key functionality of the Huawei Health app and you can explore more inside.

Download Huawei Health wearBeta from here.

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