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Download Huawei HarmonyOS 4 Wallpapers



HarmonyOS 4 Wallpapers

HarmonyOS 4 is now available to download on many Huawei devices in China but we got some new wallpapers from this new operating system, which you can get for any of your smartphones.

These wallpapers come in a pack of 4 in each set. However, we only fetched the main wallpapers, which will catch your attention in the highlight dance. Yet, there are more of them in the link below. Once downloaded, you can set the wallpapers on your home screen or lock screen, or both.

HarmonyOS 4 Wallpapers

HarmonyOS 4:

Huawei introduced its new mobile operating system. There are plenty of new features as well as changes in the user interface as well as animations. With this upgrade, Huawei has focused on home screen personalization. You can set your photographs and AI will help you to make them suitable for the lock screen.

Adding to that, HarmonyOS 4 helps you to set refreshing Always on Display (AOD). Making its debut in HarmonyOS 4, you can now set emoji as your phone’s wallpaper and it will happen in real-time.

The new ArkEngine, helps you to enjoy brand-new animations and smoother UI interactions. The company has added these animations all around the software. The notification center is also changed and it’s AI to prioritize your alerts. So that you can remain updated with important information first.

The live window feature of HarmonyOS 4 is making a sensation among Huawei smartphone users and it opens a brand new world, which wasn’t available in the previous version of the software. HarmonyOS 4 also focuses on security and privacy to provide a secure user experience.

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