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Download Huawei Beta app for EMUI 11



Huawei has started to recruit new EMUI 11 beta users for its Huawei devices. As recently, Huawei has also updated its “Beta” app for EMUI 11 recruitment. Huawei’s Beta app is designed to test new software and allows global users to participate in Beta testing activities.

You can check download links and more instructions linked below.

Direct links:

Mega links:

EMUI 11 Beta Eligbility and Avaialbility:

Not all of the Huawei smartphones are eligible to test EMUI 11 beta and it’s not available altogether in entire Europe. Meanwhile, the selected models include the following:

  • Huawei P40
  • Huawei P40 Pro
  • Huawei P40 Pro+
  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro
  • Huawei MatePad Pro
  • Huawei P30
  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 20
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 20 X
  • Huawei Nova 5T

Note: The launch of these models vary in different markets.


Unlike EMUI 10.1, the latest Beta app not showing any issues after installation. If it shows, then consider that the EMUI 11 beta program is yet open in your country.


How to check Available Beta projects:

You can check the EMUI 10.1 beta project from Huawei Beta > tap Me > Join Project > Available projects > select and Sign Up (only when it is available).

Let us know whether you’ve signed up for the beta project or it’s showing any issues. 

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Google Play

Google Play Store 32.5.14 version is up on Android



Google Play Store 32.5.14

Google updates the Play Store platform on a regular basis with new features, improvements, and optimizations for Android users. And this most recent update provided for you is likewise being made available for the same reason.

Google release approx five to six update in a month for the Play Store users, as it is the only source to download any third-party application and many more other activities. And it forces Play Store to run wisely and with no latency.

However, the 32.5.14 version of Google Play Store aims for the same. After installing this update you will definitely experience a number of improvements and maybe a new feature.

Google Play Store:

Yes! This new Google Play Store 32.5.14 update can give you a surprise of a new tab for ‘other devices on your Android phone. Google frequently tries to change the Play Store’s software and services so that users can get the most out of them.


Google Play Store 32.5.14

It was previously reported that Google added a new tab for the other device rather than the smartphone applications, this includes the Watch, TV, and Car. All these three sections are divided wisely.

  • The Watch apps are in the Watch area.
  • For Android-based automation, the Car page features “Stream your favorites” and “Stay Informed.”
  • The TV tab has nine carousels that include the most recent news, free movies, TV shows, activities, and music. Additionally, it offers carousel-style activities that are only for TV.

However, the new update for the Google Play Store can bring this feature to your smartphone. We recommend you keep checking for the update and install it as soon as it reached you. It may take time as the new version is rolling out in batches.

Meanwhile, you can directly install this new version via the third-party source: Google Play Store update via APKMirror

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Huawei Apps

Huawei Wallet now makes it possible to add digital RMB hard wallet



Huawei Wallet Digital RMB

Huawei continues to bring new additions to its applications and services. Either, with new improvements or feature, the company make efforts to enhance the user experience in every manner. The latest example of this statement is the Huawei wallet which now adds support for the digital RMB hard wallet.

The information is making its way out from the Weibo channel of @pengpengjunjiao. As per his reports, Huawei Wallet now enables the support for a digital RMB hard wallet. Eventually, users can utilize their real cards through the Wallet app.

But before we jump to the question ‘How?’, let’s understand the concept of digital RMB.

Huawei Wallet Digital RMB

What is Digital RMB?

Generally, Digital RMB is an application that defines the legal digital currency of China. It is an official service platform that deals with the opening and managing of digital RMB personal wallets, and digital RMB exchange and circulation facilities.


Besides, the authorities accomplish several kinds of transaction-related projects through this app. On the other hand, the app provides ‘sub-wallets’ to retailers and suppliers. Ultimately, users can carry out transactions to various sub-wallets using the digital RMB app.

Further, you can use it for various payment methods. It will be available on your device with the name ‘Wallet Express Pay’. However, one must note that this application is a pilot version (in testing). Thus, only users (pilot customers) can register for the digital RMB app.

Huawei Wallet Digital RMB

How to access a digital RMB hard wallet?

As mentioned, the Digital RMB app provides sub-wallets. Consequently, users will require the RMB app to push the digital RMB hard wallet in the Huawei Wallet. Thereafter, Huawei Wallet will add the hard wallet as per its requirement.

Once added, the hard wallet will connect with your Huawei Wallet and will also support Huawei Pay to Pay. Also, with a double click on the power button, you can command the digital RMB wallet for payment activities. In terms of security, the wallet let the device verify the identity information before performing any payment action.


But remember, the whole process requires the Digital RMB App, which is running in the trial stage (Pilot version). So register yourself to get through a new experience of transaction.


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WhatsApp Android to add new Camera modes



WhatsApp new camera modes

WhatsApp now becomes the most compatible and commonly used social media platform among users. All because of companies’ efforts to do something for their users. Likewise, WhatsApp Android is releasing a new update that adds support for more camera modes inside the app.

Yes! WhatsApp is working to soon add different Camera modes for Android users to let them experience some different modes, also it’s new to explore for the users this feels them new changes with better options.

WhatsApp is developing two new buttons that will allow users to convert the camera mode from photo to video and vice versa. In short, you have two separate keys for the video and photo for WhatsApp status.

In the current version of WhatsApp, you must press and hold in order to record a video. However with the help of this function, you won’t have to tap and hold going forward, simply switch to the video mode, and you’re done.


This feature is really helpful and easy to operate and also convenient for the users. But in the meantime, this feature is currently under development and it will release for Android users with future updates.

whatsapp camera mode

Along with this, WhatsApp also brings some fixes for the bugs and issues that prevented chats from properly scrolling. Also, it degraded the experience of users while chatting or operating the app.

As per some users’ reports, the WhatsApp scrolling chats show very old messages in the current version. Meanwhile, the update brings a package of new fixes and features for you with the Android build version.

So are you guys ready to explore the new changes in your WhatsApp, that make you? Currently, the update is in the beta phase soon the company will release its stable version. Just keep checking for the new version of WhatsApp through the Google Play Store.


WhatsApp new camera modes

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