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Don’t fear losing your device with Huawei Care Insurance: Huawei South Africa



Huawei Care Device Insurance

In the past months, Huawei not only introduced a bunch of new flagship and mid-range products but provide them with maximum benefits. If you are also one of them, who purchased any Huawei device within 12 months, I am suggesting you sign up for the Huawei Care Device Insurance.

Live a life, without worrying about the extra care of your newly purchased Huawei device. It’ll cover the smartphone, wearables, laptops, and tablet devices. Eliminate all your worries and takes care of the physical damage even after you lost them.

The activation procedure is as easy as filling in only the basic information of your smartphone with the minimum charges. Furthermore, no additional charges for replacement and repair service.

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Huawei Care Device Insurance

Let’s dig out the detailed information on Huawei Care Insurance-

Huawei Care Lite: No need to worry about water damage and screen repair anymore. You can check the benefits included in this package below-

  • Unexpected physical damage
  • Will get full replacement value of the damaged device
  • Limited to R500
  • Get your replace or repair service as fast

Huawei Care Pro: Cover all the losses from water damage, screen scratch, loss, or theft. You’ll be benefited from this insurance even if your device has been lost. Check below for the services-

  • Covers physical loss, unexpected physical damage, and device theft loss
  • Will get full replacement value for the damaged device within the preserved rights for the insurance
  • Device over R5000 will get 25% more than the claimed value
  • Superfast service, no waiting period

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