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Dewu (Poizon) shopping platform begins HarmonyOS native app development



Dewu HarmonyOS native app development

The online e-commerce shopping platform Dewu (Poizon) launches the HarmonyOS native app development. The HarmonyOS NEXT-based application will offer a more seamless and productive exposure to all shopping lovers and customers.

Huawei announced the cooperation news via the official HarmonyOS Weibo page. The Chinese tech giant notes that Dewu is a trendy online shopping community which is widely famous among youth for its features and impressive facilities.

Meanwhile, Huawei mentions that the HarmonyOS NEXT version of the Dewu app will provide a fluent, secure, and far better experience to users than the previous upgrades. Besides, it will make the app functioning more efficient and stable.

Dewu (Poizon) is an online shopping community platform that enables users to purchase their favorite items. The platform inspects and looks after all the products before listing them on the other e-commerce stores present on the internet.

Dewu HarmonyOS native app development

Being one of the largest fashion brand exchange and trading platforms, Dewu provides creators with posting videos and enjoying live broadcasting services. It works on the ‘identify first, ship later’ motto and has a variety of product categories like home appliances, beauty, gaming, vehicles, and more.

As of now, the Dewu (Poizon) shopping platform has begun the HarmonyOS native app development to ensure a more comprehensive and helpful shopping experience.

Huawei says that the HarmonyOS ecosystem aims to deeply integrate with consumers, covering every aspect and work that plays a significant role in their daily lives. Perhaps, shopping platforms are no exception to this software development theory.

Consequently, the company also plans a major unveiling for software in 2024 fall. By that time, the company might collaborate with more new partners to avail numerous applications with the HarmonyOS NEXT features and functionalities.


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