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Dangerous WiFi app on Huawei phone, prompts AppGallery



wifi app huawei appgallery

Today, some users jumped on the AppGallery and download the latest WiFi Master Key app, a WiFi management app for Huawei devices. Once installed, the phone prompted that the WiFi master key app is risky software and it may harm the user’s device. Therefore, AppGallery also recommends the user uninstall that app immediately.

Soon after Huawei noticed that issue, AppGallery made that app unavailable to download, However, its listing is still available on the app store.

wifi app huawei appgallery wifi app huawei appgallery

Recent Strict Policy:

Huawei has recently issued a notice for developers, that the company will not allow developers to submit WiFi and system cleanup apps on the AppGallery app distribution platform.

In the announcement, Huawei also mentioned, that such apps, violate users’ data and information policies and could harm Huawei devices to access users’ personal information.

For apps that are already listed in such categories or purposes, Huawei will examine and conduct a detailed use case to ensure these apps won’t compromise the user experience. If any of the existing apps are found with issues or violating the new policy, they’ll be removed from the AppGallery store.

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