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Costa Rican court reportedly suspends Huawei elimination from 5G market



Costa Rican Huawei 5G elimination

Recently, a Costa Rican court temporarily suspended the elimination of Huawei from the 5G network equipment market. It seems like the judicature understands well the significance of Huawei’s advanced and useful 5G technologies.

The story began when the President of Costa Rica – Rodrigo Chaves has banned several companies from China, South Korea, Russia, and Brazil over 5G network deployment. He believed that these firms were a threat to consumers’ security in the country.

However, the lack of evidence in this concept has resulted in a sudden suspension of Huawei’s exclusion from the 5G network equipment market.

As per the information, one of the Costa Rican court has ceased various applications from cybersecurity, regarding the elimination of Huawei from participating in the country’s 5G network development. Although, it seems to be a short-term change.

Costa Rican Huawei 5G elimination

Meanwhile, the courtroom has also freed other Chinese companies in this segment. In addition, the judicature ordered the ICE operator of Costa Rica to break off any kind of tender processes related to the 5G rollout in the country.

The detail further reveals that this suspension will remain in action until the court finds sufficient evidence to figure out the request for protective measures.

On the flip side, the Science, Technology, and Telecommunication Ministry in Costa Rica – Micitt said that it will soon come up with better points on this matter to remove the suspension and ensure public safety in the country.

Currently, things are uncertain and require more detail on this subject. Being one of the vital countries in Central America, Costa Rican ministries will make efforts to withdraw the suspension and keep Chinese companies like Huawei out of their network core.


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