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Conspiracy of Nokia? Huawei accused of tracking visitors at MWC




Huawei is the only company that launched various network solutions at MWC 2023, from 5G to 5.5 including new antennas and cloud. Huawei MWC 2023 showcase was full of network technologies but there is a person from Nokia, who is accusing the Chinese tech maker of tracking the visitors to the event.

Rolf Werner, a senior vice president of Nokia Europe shared a dismantling video of a Huawei lanyard. He shared a live video (no source for this video) allegedly on Twitter, saying that the company “maybe tracking which demos a visitor sees at our competitor’s booth”. So, he’s not aware of what it could actually but he is accusing that of being a tracking device.

Nokia Huawei visitors MWC

Noticeably, a screenshot of the video shows a lanyard with a circuit inside. Meanwhile, the PCB structure shows the limited characteristics of being a high-tech locator.

Actually, Rolf revealed these things in an article from LightReading and there could be some sense that we can put some sense into this matter.

The U.S. ban has created a massive hate campaign against Huawei, as it was accused of stealing data, which Huawei has always denied.

Still, Huawei is a leader in networking technologies and big tech firms want to do business with the tech giant despite immense political pressure.

Huawei not only provides better technology but also negotiates with customers to provide price-worthy solutions. That’s why Nokia and Ericsson were never able to get ahead of the world’s largest telecom equipment maker.

But thanks to one side’s love for Huawei, the U.S. made this happen and “forcefully” countered Huawei’s network industry dominance with manual bans and restrictions.

Conspiracy of Nokia?

Yes, Nokia is one of the biggest companies that are up and against the tech maker because it cannot enter into a head-on competition in innovation with Huawei.

After launching the 5G, Huawei quickly began researching next-generation network technology, 5.5G. Nokia and Ericson are busy developing only 6G but the capability of Huawei’s R&D allowed it to develop both 5.5G and 6G network technologies together.

At MWC 2023, Huawei not only launched new network technologies but also is working on various network solutions to enhance network reliability and provide a long-lasting network for various scenarios.

Nokia is majorly known for its business model in Europe and the company could make some efforts to slow further down Huawei with some tricks, from its sleeves. And what could be better than the MWC showcase?

“When you can’t compete, just defame.” it suits Huawei’s top rival.

This includes a fake lanyard and their creation to showcase such a chip that may have been used for unknown purposes but can’t verify what it actually is.

Good work by the people involved in this kind of story from fantasyland. We can’t confirm whether Huawei was tracking visitors at MWC but we’re surely aware that its competitor, Nokia is tracking Huawei’s progress in network technology and they aren’t happy with that.

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