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China’s TideNews Media begins HarmonyOS native app development



TideNews Media HarmonyOS native app

Huawei and China’s TideNews Media (Chao News Client) platform in Zhejiang Province have joined hands to begin HarmonyOS native app development. The HarmonyOS NEXT-based news app will provide far better features and services.

In recent times, Huawei has collaborated with several partners to boost the growth of the HarmonyOS ecosystem and TideNews Media is no exception to this theory.

Huawei has announced the new tie-up via the official HarmonyOS page on Weibo and said that the major news platform in Zhejiang Province – TideNews Media (Chao News) signed a cooperation to start HarmonyOS native app development.

The announcement further reveals that the Zhejiang Newspaper Group will be able to make noteworthy changes with the HarmonyOS NEXT-based applications. For instance, better news collection, effective editing, and content publishing.

TideNews Media HarmonyOS native app

TideNews Media starts HarmonyOS native app [Credit: Weibo]

Besides, the deeply integrated capabilities, interconnectivity, and other innovative features will play a significant role in improving news production efficiency and bringing a new and more personalized browsing experience to customers.

The Deputy Editor-In-Chief of Zhejiang News Group says that this new agreement between both parties will lead to mutual benefits. It will open a new chapter of digital tech and media with comprehensive operations and results.

Meanwhile, the President of Huawei Terminal Cloud – Zhu Yonggang says:

“We hope that Huawei and Zhejiang Newspaper Group can jointly create a new, more intelligent news ecosystem and lead a new trend in the media industry.”

TideNews Media HarmonyOS native app


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