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China’s 360 Group completes HarmonyOS native app beta development



360 Group HarmonyOS native app

China’s 360 Group – the leading Internet Service Provider has announced the completion of HarmonyOS native app beta development for its Browser and Weather Master applications. In no time, the cooperation will offer smarter facilities to its users.

Accordingly, the 360 Group is one of the largest providers of Internet and security services in China. It offers free internet security and launched several products like 360 Total Security, 360 Mobile Security, 360 Security browsers, and more.

With the rapid development of new technologies and AI products, the 360 Group aims to bring a seamless and productive experience for its users. With this aim, the company signed an agreement with Huawei in August this year and began HarmonyOS native app development.

As of now, Huawei shared the news that the 360 Group is pacing rapidly in the HarmonyOS native app road and has completed the development of beta versions for Browser, Weather, and other applications.

360 Group HarmonyOS native app

With such initiatives, these Chinese firms will be able to actively support the development of the HarmonyOS ecosystem. On the other hand, users will obtain a convenient, safer, and smoother experience on their handsets, like never before.

Eventually, the founder and chairman of China’s 360 Group – Zhou Hongyi said that the firm will continue to support Huawei under any circumstances and will not stop just on the big taglines.

“I believe that HarmonyOS will become the largest operating system in China and HarmonyOS native app versions will definitely succeed.”

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