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China Telecom depots soyealink Mate 50 series with 5G network



soyealink Mate 50 China Telecom

Huawei has started deploying the super-classy Mate 50 series on its official website. While the company is busy fulfilling the selling requirements for the respective devices, a new report suggests that China Telecom has brought the soyealink Mate 50 versions into its product channel.

Yes, that’s right! One more Mate 50 series set is in midst of the consumers. However, this time the Mate 50 sets are carrying the tag of soyealink and belong to the China Telecom family. Further, these are the standard and the Pro variants of the series.

There aren’t any much changes in the outlook or the interior panel of the devices. From the design to the optical structure, everything is quite similar to the official Huawei Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro smartphone models.

But, the biggest change is the support of the 5G network. The China Telecom soyealink Mate 50 series will eventually facilitate the 5G services. That get’s a little clearance from the site that has placed both the Mate 50 sets under the 5G phone category.

soyealink Mate 50 China Telecom

soyealink Mate 50 China Telecom

So far, Huawei Mate 50 devices are relying upon the 5G phone cases that still have time to appear. But these suit models are already arriving with the mechanisms that ultimately bring the 5G network power to the hands.

Soyealink Mate 50 devices – Prices

The latest information reveals the retail price of both Mate 50 sets. The soyealink Mate 50 (8+256GB) handset carries the price tag of 6498 yuan [927.09 USD]. While the soyealink Mate 50 Pro (8+256GB) starts at 7798 yuan [1,112.57 USD].

It is worth mentioning that both the models are 999 yuan [142.53 USD] more costly than the original Huawei Mate 50 series. Maybe because of the 5G network facility. Also, there are chances that the price might get down to some extent as these suits will go on sale.

If we talk about the Huawei Mate 50 and its 5G capabilities, then it will work in the same manner as the P50 Pro. Once the user imposes the 5G case on the device, a pop-up window will appear to guide the usage of the China Unicom eSIM and 5G services.

As per the previous report, there is still some time in the arrival of the 5G cases for the Mate 50 smartphones. Till then, let’s see how far these new Mate 50 sets will go in the market.


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