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China Mobile orders 4 million units of FTTR Huawei network equipment



Huawei FTTR network China Mobile

Huawei network equipment works as a powerful solution for operators and in the latest edition, China Mobile has ordered around 4 million units of FTTR network tech. These products will ultimately help in solving traditional networking issues.

According to the information, China Mobile has demanded two types of Huawei FTTR network equipment products. These are OptiXstar V173 and K153. Eventually, the telecom operator requires two million units of each of these networking equipment.

Huawei OptiXstar V173

It is the main FTTR of Huawei’s all-optical home starlight F30 exclusive version. It brings access to ultra-broadband via XG-PON or asymmetric 10G EPON technology. In terms of features, the equipment supports 10GB uplink access.

Besides, it offers 2000Mbps speed, Wi-Fi 6+ support, and a built-in 360-degree smart antenna to cover the entire house without leaving any blind spots.

Huawei FTTR network China Mobile

Huawei OptiXstar K153

On the flip side, the K153 acts as a helping element of Huawei’s all-optical home starlight F30 exclusive version. It supports ultra-gigabit broadband access via optical fiber uplink and delivers ultra-gigabit dual-band Wi-Fi and Gigabit network ports to users.

Concerned with features, the equipment provides 1500Mbps and Wi-Fi 6+ support. It is suitable for installation in multiple conditions like supporting desktop vertical placement, socket card installation, and 86-box embedded installation.

Both these networking equipment help in resolving several issues and problems. For instance, low speed, poor coverage, roaming cards, and more. Meanwhile, they boost the uplink and downlink rate, offering a whole-house gigabit experience to numerous consumers at a time.

Huawei FTTR network China Mobile


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