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China Electronics and Huawei will build ‘Pengteng’ ecosystem



Huawei Pengteng

On July 12, 2023, Huawei and China Electronics announced a new partnership to build the Pengteng ecosystem. This collaboration combines the simultaneous development of Kunpeng and the PKS ecosystem.

The Pengteng ecosystem combines the power of Kunpeng and Phytium processors. It aims to develop together with industry partners for robust computing power.

Servers and PCs with Kunpeng processors and Phytium processors widely used in the core business of major sectors and industries of China. These include governments, operators, finance, and electric power. This Pengteng ecosystem will bring various advantages to both Huawei and China Electronics.

According to the information, this cooperation includes In-depth collaboration, open source contribution, marketing, talent training, and more.

This partnership also covers the simplified adaption of software and hardware technologies. That’s not it, the ecosystem will add more partners with a certification program.

Huawei Pengteng

The certification enables partners to develop more forms of products, which can cover all scenarios such as cloud, data center, edge, and PC terminals.

Both firms promised that this new ecosystem will be applied in more industries, and better empower the digitalization of thousands of industries.

“The computing industry is a strategic basic industry in the digital and intelligent era and an important support for building a modern industrial system and achieving high-quality development. The in-depth cooperation between China Electronics and Huawei will create a new pattern in the computing industry, build a solid foundation for digital transformation, and enable the high-quality development of the digital economy.” Wrote Huawei.

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