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Chief Huawei software scientist selected as OpenHarmony TSC



Huawei harmonyos openharmony

OpenAtom OpenHarmony project group has completed the election of members of the first Technical Steering Committee (“TSC”) and selected Chen Haibo, chief scientist in Huawei’s software field. The company has selected 7 TSCs based on the OpenHarmony project group’s charter members.

This election aims to bring together academic and industrial forces to jointly prosper the OpenHarmony ecosystem.

Mr. Chen Haibo, the chief scientist in Huawei’s software field, was elected as the chairman of TSC, and Wu Yanjun, Zang Binyu, Zhang Zhaosheng, Zhang Rongchao, Li Yingwei, and Jia Ning were elected as TSC members.

Let’s talk about Cheng Haibo, Chairman of OpenHarmony Project Group TSC, Chief Scientist of Huawei Software Field.

Huawei harmonyos openharmony

He’s the Chief Scientist of Huawei Software Field, Vice President of Central Software Institute of Huawei 2012 Lab, Distinguished Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Director of Parallel and Distributed Systems Research Institute, Deputy Director of System Software Committee of China Computer Federation (CCF), Co-founder of ACM ChinaSys , Chairman, the first SOSP Asian Scholar Breakthrough and the first Chinese Scholar Chair.

In the past five years, it has ranked first in the world in terms of the number of papers published at the top conferences in the field of operating systems (according to csrankings statistics).

His research interests include operating systems, parallel and distributed systems, and system security. Created core technologies such as Huawei’s microkernel and automatic formal proof, and promoted the large-scale application of a number of core technologies in products.

Led the Huawei team to continue to deepen the Linux community, and ranked first in the patch contribution of Linux community versions 5.10/5.14. The co-authored “Modern Operating System: Principles and Implementation” won the 2020 51CTO Reader’s Favorite IT Book Award in just 2 months.

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