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Check Huawei Watch GT 2 owners’ feedback on user experience in 2022



huawei watch gt 2

Last week, we asked Huawei Watch GT 2 owners about their user experience in 2022, as the watch is completing 3 years of its launch. And, these amazing people have shared their valuable feedback, which we’re going to share with you.

Interestingly, Huawei Watch GT 2 operators have bombarded the thread and you can see them all below about their user experience in 2022. To be mentioned, we took all of the replies from our Twitter thread that we posted and organized them accordingly.

Users Jackob wrote “Have it since Christmas 2020, it’s working flawlessly, no degradation in display, battery after every-day use for 2 years. I miss some functionality, and the watch face market is not great, but it’s a nice watch after all. Not worth the 150 I bought it for though…”

Stefan wrote “I have a GT2 Pro, only thing that annoys me is that all my calls get put to the watch if I have a bluetooth headset connected even if I turn off calls for the watch. Have to manually put the call to my headset every time. Had this problem both on my Oneplus 9 and Samsung s22+”

huawei watch gt 2

Brancatus wrote “Very disappointed that the heart rate monitor and workout data are not accessible by third party apps. For this reason alone will not be buying another Huawei. Otherwise all is fine after 2+ years apart from the gold finish that is peeling off.”

Carlos: “My gt2 does not respond when touching the screen.”

Brian: “Watch face came away from the bezel as I was washing my hands??”

Gabriel Pelin: “Just replaced the battery and the motherboard for second time,hope that from now on will work properly.”

James Muia: “My Huawei GT 2 watch has never let me down.”

HendricoVW: “Been using the @Huawei GT 2 Classic for more than two years now and it still running perfect. This is really a great watch but could do with an update, maybe add some features like assistant, message replies, and an option to add more tiles perhaps. #Huawei #WatchGT2 #Smartwatch”

Einwod: “Everything worked fine for 18 months, then when I’m at sea level, it tells me in 2480m high. Apart from that, this is a fantastic watch. I now have Watch 3 active and the battery life on it sucks.”

Adam Bullied: “Bought for my wife for xmas 2020 for her to track her sleep. It wasn’t very good at that & she didn’t use it. I started wearing it and it’s been on my wrist since. I’ve taken it into the backcountry, tracked my workouts, and it’s my speakerphone of daily use. It’s a great watch.”

Zai Mykaels: “Lasted four months before constantly getting hot and charging to a max of 22%. Battery is a nightmare to get replaced.”

Frappedieros: “Watch is fine, but how about giving us a lap timer function and custom workouts ?”

Naseer Ahmed: “I have a gt 2e and working perfectly.”

Theo77: “I wished they uploaded the HR broadcasting option for gym equipment. There were rumors but it never happened.”

Rich Glover: “Being able to answer calls on my wrist is so much easier than pulling my phone out of my pocket. I have a voice recording of my late father’s voice downloaded to my GT2, which is a comfort to carry with me.”

ioannisgnk: “It’s not a good watch, always having issues with sensor, most of times I need to shake hard for it to open, and it’s not smart at all, it does what a fitband do with the only extra calling and playing music. Okay, it wasn’t that expensive like other watches but still..”

Nkosinathi Khumalo: “I loved this watch. So sad to see it do this… Until the battery dies.”

AngeloAmorato -POGI-: “Still looks new ”

Ulaş Soysal: “It’s amazing, one of the latest updates absolutely refreshed the UI but I’m still mad at huawei for not adding App Support, I’d love a simple ass calculator tbh”

SpyV: “I have the gt2 pro from July 21 and still works flawlessly. Fantastic battery life, built quality and durability, no scratches.”

visage: “Still nice for everyday use. I’m still impressed by the battery duration comparing to an apple watch which costs tonnes of money. The disappointment comes from the fact that the watch screen somehow keeps some previous displayed image and on the watch face there’s a mixture.”

Danny: “My GT2 Pro is just excellent. Only thing is that last update was 6 months ago and it doesn’t seem to be scheduled for more. I hope Huawei won’t abandon this model and updates will keep coming.”

darko kmet: “Gave my away and got watch 3 pro. It was missing alot features so I wasnt really pleased with it… Everything was tageted only for gt2 pro…”

David Lunn: “My screen sometimes gets slow to work, turning it off and on usually fixes that, took the pin function off because of this problem, one time the battery died very quickly but a restart fixed the problem and seems good since, had to change from a Huawei phone to an iPhone no prob”

Lee Howard: “My Gt2 Pro never let’s me down, superb watch. I keep looking at other watches but the gt2 has just the functionality I need. Please keep supporting it in UK Huawei.”

JC Kotze: “I now have the Watch 3. Miss the fantastic battery life of the Gt2 Pro, but then, the 3’s ability to respond to messages is great.”

Mark Watson: “The vibration motor stopped working a year after purchase. Fixed under warranty. I’m a bit disappointed that 3rd app support never came to this watch. I find replying to messages very useful on my new pixel watch which you could never do with GT2. Still a nice design and screen”

alex wong: “Been use GT2 since 2020, free gift came along with Huawei Matebook 14 (during launch). Now battery still pretty good, no issue so far. One of best bang for bucks smartwatch in market, even now latest iteration often offer very good price value. Problem is won’t work well in GMS.”

cal brock: “My watch gets a lot of abuse, I wear it all the time, work, gym, fixing car or motorcycle and it still looks absolutely brand new!! Amazing really because I don’t take care of it!!! It’s amazing”

Jon Allen: “The touch screen is no longer responsive.”

Kieran L: “My GT2E still works like the day I bought it, doesn’t feel slow or outdated. Brilliant bit of kit still to this day.”

Paul: “One of my best buys ever!! Worth every pound. I would like more apps through the next update pls!!”

Zdravko Skeledzic: “Still expecting that upgrade to Harmony OS you promised long time ago, but otherwise excellent shape”

joshua abayomi k: “Trusleep isn’t working on my gt2 pro”

Tomasz Michalski: “My Huawei GT2e works still perfectly. I have no reason to buy an other watch! But I’m wearing the watch with care.”

Pierre van Rensburg: “Why does GT2e not get the new OS?”

Gerhard Eckert: “It worked for me flawlessly for 1.5 years. But in mid 2022 the digitizer started malfunctioning. After replacement of whole screen and frame it’s working as before.”

GoEfqSUej3fgBKP: “Works like on the first day.
The band broke once due to heavy use, but it got replaced very quickly”

Röger Vérèz: “The display just stopped working on the right place to stop me from pressing the tick button while pairing and so now the watch is obsolete and does not even show the right time.
So much for a smart watch”

Abdul Halim: “3 months ago the touch sensor glass of my GT2 stop working. Went Huawei service centre. They quote me the repair cost at S$135. I could get a new one for S$S30 more. Duh”

Mihnea Burada: “I have a Watch Gt 2 Pro and an Honor Magicwatch2 both have connectivity problems and software support has been plain terrible”

Raymond Warren: “Quite a few functions are not displaying , one dual time watch face very annoyingly states “ please set all SHORTCUT IS ON” when trying to set second time zone , and for the bloody life of me I can’t find out what the fcuk it means or how to bleeding reset . Got rid of Huawei”

These are just a few of the user experience shared by the Huawei Watch GT 2 users in the thread

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