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Avita and Huawei working on store channels: Changan Automobile



Avita Huawei Changan Automobile

In the recent investor interaction ground, Changan Automobile signifies the joint efforts of Huawei and Avita for entering its store channels. According to the respective Automobile firm, the Chinese tech maker is actively participating in making new ways for the terminal store.

“Avita is currently working with Huawei to actively implement the preparations for entering its store channels. The two parties have also reached consensus in all areas such as optimal resource investment and Huawei HI trademark authorization.” 

These were the words of Changan Automobile over Avita and Huawei. The auto company also assured that it will flash more light on the information at the right moment.

Huawei and Avita Partnership

Back on June 25, Avita and Huawei shook their hands on a comprehensive strategic agreement. Consequently, the agreement stood over the manufacturing of high-end smart cars. As per the terms of the contract, the two cooperations will equally invest and develop new products in the high-end smart vehicles area.

Avita Huawei Changan Automobile

Moreover, they will produce a series of smart automobiles that will compile over a new generation of smart electric car technology. As a result, the companionship will introduce 4 new smart vehicle inventions by the year 2025.

Besides, the CEO of Avita gave a sign of officially launching the Avita 11 by August 8, 2022. Also, the shipment of the product will appear in large quantities by the end of this year. Simultaneously, Avita is speedily working on the implements and preparation with Huawei for channel sales in its store.

Huawei also put forth its words over these endeavors. The Chinese manufacturer said that this year, Huawei will give a boost in the development of offline stores. Further, it will focus on entering new Huawei terminal stockpiles. These stores could appear with the name – Huawei authorized experience stores.

However, things are still in process and will take some time to arrive at a whole outcome.


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