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Buyers reveal Huawei Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition uses new Kirin 9010L chip



Huawei Nova 12 Ultra Star Kirin 9010L

Huawei Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition buyers now reveal that the device runs on a new Kirin 9010L chipset. This is an unexpected discovery for those who have been searching for major differences between the original and Star Edition models.

The Chinese tech giant kicked off the Nova 12 Ultra Star variant on the sale ground on May 17. While the device looks similar to the main version, a few netizens, Weibo bloggers, and smartphone buyers found changes in the internal configuration.

A video posted on Bilibili shows that the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra Star uses a brand-new Kirin 9010L processor. It seems a slightly downclocked version of Kirin 9010.

CPU architecture:

  • 2 x 2.19GHz + 4 x 2.18GHz + 3 x 1.40GHz

Compared to the Pura 70 Ultra’s Kirin 9010, the processor contains a nine-core infrastructure. The 9010 chip has a 12-core architecture consisting of two 2.3GHz large, six 2.18GHz medium, and four 1.55GHz small cores to boost performance.

Huawei Nova 12 Ultra Star Kirin 9010L

Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition runs on Kirin 9010L (Image Credits: Bilibili)

Nova 12 Ultra has arrived on the ground with Kirin 9000SL SoC. It is said to be a modified variant of the Kirin 9000 with a 2.3GHz frequency. The parameters are:

  • 2 x 2.35GHz + 3 x 1.53GHz + 4 x 2.15GHz

The overall comparison reveals that the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition is slightly better than the original variant when it comes to performance. Some other changes that make the Star model different from its sibling are revealed by a tipster.

Huawei Nova 12 Ultra vs Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition: Differences (Image Credits: Weibo)

Huawei Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition sports a 6.76-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, 300Hz touch response rate, and a 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming. It also has a Kunlun glass cover and smart features like air gestures and smart payment.

Star variant also accompanies better smartphone cases and an all-in-one 100W charger, unlike the main version. Note that Huawei has not shed light on the processor subject of the Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition so far. It would be worth seeing if the company lists the chip description on its official site in the coming days.

You can check the complete Bilibili video HERE.

Huawei Nova 12 Ultra Star Kirin 9010L

Huawei Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition retail package (Image Credits: Huawei Mall)

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