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Buy Huawei Care insurance to protect your phone from accidental damage, and more (South Africa)



Huawei care south Africa

After being purchased a premium smartphone somewhere there’s a fear of accidental damages, loss & theft, water drops, bumps, and more. But Huawei provides satisfactory care to your device that gives you peace of mind that your device will be covered.

For self-satisfaction with the security of your device, you must have Huawei Care insurance. Huawei South Africa offers a selection of insurance Care plans, all you need to do is choose the one that fits your lifestyle.

Huawei Care Pro insurance protects your device from multiple damages, such as immersion, screen repair, loss, or theft. Smartphone repairs are expensive these days, so ‘prevention is better than cure!

Meanwhile, Huawei’s maintenance plan is compatible with the smartphone for 12 months or less. You can simply sign up for a Huawei Care Lite or Huawei Care Pro insurance plan for your device. Below you can find plans and packages including:

Huawei Care South Africa Insurance Plan:

Huawei care south Africa

  • Huawei Care Lite:
    • Protects against water damage and screen repair
    • Accidental physical damage to the device
    • The full replacement value of the device limited to accidental damage within the indemnity limit
    • Minimum charge of R500
    • no waiting time
    • Click here to sign
  • Huawei Care Pro
    • Device theft, physical loss, and accidental physical damage.
    • Coverage is provided for the full replacement value of the unit.
      in accordance with the indemnification limit
    • 25% more of the bill for a device worth R5000 or more
    • No waiting time
    • Click here to sign

Just purchase that plan which is tailored to suit your needs for their exclusive offers. The company will keep safe the personal information that you provide them at the time of sign up.

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